How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 /S10 Plus

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 / S10Plus? This article will share you a solution.

Hi guys. I forgot to backup the photos from my Galaxy S9, and now, all the pictures are gone due to a deletion by my little son,how to restore them? Please help.

Well. Now many galaxy s9 users are facing this problem. But do not worry, It is possible and easy to retrieve lost photos from galaxy s9. What you need is only an FileRescure Android data recovery.

FileRescure Android data recovery is a specially-developed tool for android users. It can recover lost videos, photos, contacts, and many other types of files. The guide below will show you how to get back lost galaxy s9 photos. Meanwhile, you can also retrieve lost photos from Galaxy S10 , S10 X, with the help of this program.

If you need to get back photos from broken Galaxy S9, refer: Samsung Galaxy S9 broken screen data recovery

How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 / S10 / Plus #

Step 1. Connect your phone to the program #

After you install and run the FileRescure Android data recovery on your computer, connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.The program will detect your phone soon.
recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9

Step 2. Enable USB debugging #

Next, you need to enable USB debugging on your galaxy S9, S10 phone. After that, the program can get access to your phone’s system.

Step 3. Scan your phone #

Then, you can select file types to scan your device.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy S9 / S10 #

Finally, when the scanning is over, you can choose the photos you want to preview and mark them, hit Recover button to recover lost photos on your galaxy S9/ S10.

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how to recover deleted videos from samsung galaxy s10

Galaxy S9 vs S9+ #

Daytime imaging is not much to say, Samsung S9/S9+ has a fast focus and good color perception; as for nighttime imaging, thanks to the addition of multi-frame synthesis technology, the Samsung S9/S9+ photo is very pure and the image is lenient. Also better, the view is excellent.

Comprehensive evaluation of the gap between the two mobile phones in the photo, in addition to the different functions, the quality of the photos taken is basically the same. Therefore, if you don’t have a cold effect on the blur effect or zoom function, then there is no problem in buying S9.

Similar performance, but pay attention to purchase

In terms of configuration, Samsung S9 and S9+ are also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chips, and Samsung does not limit performance for different versions, so the theoretical performance of these two phones is very similar. However, it should be noted that the Samsung S9 has a 4GB memory configuration, while the Samsung S9+ is 6GB.


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